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Wassily Replacement Strap: Canvas (White or Black)

Wassily Replacement Strap: Canvas (White or Black)

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ABOUT : Wassily Replacement Strap: White Canvas (7pc complete set)
MATERIALS AND TECHNIQUES : hard stock / canvas
COLOR OPTIONS: White or Black

• fits Knoll, Gavina, Stendig
currently there is a 1 week lead time 

We love the Model B3 Chair, more commonly known as the “Wassily” chair named after the artist of the same name, designed by Marcel Breuer.  One issue we kept running into with the vintage versions was that the leather would deteriorate and was very difficult to maintain.  Contacting numerous leather manufacturers, we realized not just the high cost of making new leather straps, it would take a whole cow to make one complete set.  

It was an easy decision to re-strap Wassily chairs using canvas straps. (after we fell in love with early versions of the chair done in white and black canvas). From our experience, re-strapping the chairs was easy with proper instructions.    

After numerous visits with fabricators, we were able to find a local Korean work shop in Seoul, who was able to recreate the canvas wassily straps with our specifications, close to the early canvas versions we discovered.  

We’ve dealt with Knoll versions of the Wassily, along with ones made by Gavina and imported(manufactured) by Stendig.  Although slightly different in detail, the measurements of the tubes are the same.  

These straps will fit snug to your wassily and will age appropriately.  Straps will come with step-by-step installation instructions.  

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